Hello and Welcome to “All Things HR”!



What you’ll find on my page:

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Okay, let’s specify, since that is ridiculously vague.  Human Resources encompasses many more topics than “people management”. What I mean is, here you’ll find information, articles, thoughts, and general responses related to:

  • Resource Management
  • Organizational Structure
  • Risk Management (or lack thereof)
  • Training
  • Hiring (recruiting, on boarding)
  • People Development
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • State Unemployment and Federal Unemployment
  • Labor Laws
  • Healthcare (administration, laws)
  • Anything else I feel like including…

About Laura Brand…

Laura Brand, All Things HR

Laura Brand, All Things HR

Laura is a Colorado Native and an avid traveler.  She dove into the business world of Property Management while studying Italian and Linguistics at the University of Colorado.  She has spent the last 12 years either managing businesses or building businesses (sales).

For 6 years, Laura wore the hat of “recruiter extraordinaire” where she helped to develop two lines of business (locally and nationally) for a company that she says “still feels like my family”.

Laura has decided to grow her expertise from “recruiter” to “HR GURU” with HRBenefix.  She now works in tandem with business owners and executives to minimize risk, increase compliance, assist in training and development, foster growth and organic development.


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